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Oxygen Forensics Live Online Training (LOT) sessions are currently in overdrive. By providing this remote learning environment we accomplish many things. For example:

  • No plane tickets,
  • No hotel stays,
  • No food bills,
  • No travel at all!

To learn more about the benefits and requirements, watch this brief video: VIDEO

This delivery method minimizes your company spending, while also allowing you to receive the attention and quality learning of a real-life instructor. So if you have a question, we’ll be there to answer it… while maintaining our social distance.

Our labs are equipped with multiple training machines, each one assigned to a specific student for the duration of the event. You will follow along with your instructor in a live virtual classroom, while watching demonstrations unfold in a first-person view. 

If you have a question or issue during a lesson, your instructor will assist just like any other classroom. Everything you will need to be successful in the course will be right on your screen, along with a copy of the course training manual to refer to and take notes on during class. Safe distance learning at its finest! 

Here are some testimonies from customers who tried our Live Online Training:

“Just finished a 3 day live remote class with Oxygen Forensics. I highly recommend it. From my office, I logged into their machine as well as into the instructor’s machine. Constant discussion and great information.”

Mark Conway, Detective & ICAC Task Force Officer in Watertown, CT

“Not everyone has the availability to travel to out of state locations to receive the hands-on training in an instructor lead environment. I had prepared myself to settle for the computer-based training and learn by fumbling along, but the remote web training brought me the best of both worlds! I was able to manage my workload and didn’t miss out on the hands-on labs and in class conversations. This training style gave me a deeper understanding of the tool! A huge thank you to Keith and Amanda for letting me try something new and giving me a deeper understanding of all the cool things this tool can do!” 

Tara Santos, Private Investigator

“The training itself was actually fun. 2 great instructors (with different teaching styles, and the variation was also great) not only using the training material but also lots of real-life examples. The enthusiasm of the instructors would also rub off on anyone who wasn’t already as excited as I was! It also worked great with instructor showing screen, me showing my screen and even instructor taking over my computer. Kinda fun. It actually felt more like a teamwork working towards me getting better at using the tool than it felt I was a student…really nice.” 

Jesper Breum, Danish National Police

“The class was great, and I couldn’t believe what I was missing!” 

Theodore Michael, Detective at Providence Police Department

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