Oxygen Forensic® Viewer: See it all, Wherever you are

What is it?

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is a free portable application available to registered users of Oxygen Forensic® Detective software. They can share a free copy of the Viewer with their colleagues and other authorized personnel whose task is to view extracted evidence. Any type of evidence saved in Oxygen Forensic® Detective to the .ofbx backup can be opened in Oxygen Forensic® Viewer – mobile device, cloud, drone, PC or IoT data. 

What can it do?

Upon uploading the .ofbx backup made in Oxygen Forensic® Detective, the user of Oxygen Forensic® Viewer can do the following:

  • View all the evidence acquired from any of the supported digital sources; 
  • Examine data from more than 490 apps and 14,800 app versions;
  • View deleted records recovered in Oxygen Forensic® Detective; 
  • Sort and filter data in every section; 
  • Search evidence in parsed data and in file content; 
  • Mark data as Key Evidence or add tags;
  • Export the evidence: all of it or only the important bits in PDF, XML, XLSX, HTML, and JSON Project VIC formats. 

Why would I need it?

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer was developed to share extracted device data with colleagues, remote departments, and other authorized personnel. The Oxygen Forensic Viewer can also be used by non-technical specialists who are not skilled in device connection and do not perform live data acquisitions but need to view and analyze the extracted device data. Simply import .ofbx backups made in Oxygen Forensic® Detective into Oxygen Forensic Viewer and all the evidence set that was available to the investigator who performed live device data acquisition can be viewed.

How-to: setup explained

If you are a registered user of Oxygen Forensic® Detective:

  1. Visit your customer area to download Oxygen Forensic® Viewer. There are two versions – one for a 32-bit system and one for a 64-bit. Besides, users with OFB files can still use the 11x version that is available on their customer page.
  2. Save it onto any portable media or even a private cloud;
  3. There is no need to install or activate it. Use it yourself or share it with the colleagues.

If you are not a registered user of Oxygen Forensic® Detective but need Oxygen Forensic® Viewer to analyze the evidence, ask the registered user to share the Viewer file with you. 

Picture 1. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer interface

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