Now Supported in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor: Runkeeper

What is Runkeeper?

Runkeeper is a GPS fitness-tracking app launched in 2008 and used by over 50 million people worldwide.

Runkeeper tracks fitness activities such as walking, running, and cycling using the device’s GPS sensor. Users can set goals for themselves, track the progress they are making, overview the taken routes, and see key data about their activity, like distance, speed, calories burnt, and time it took to complete the workout.

Runkeeper also offers “Runkeeper Challenge”, which requires completing defined workouts within the time limit.

Runkeeper Controversy

Runkeeper was criticized in 2016 for allegedly tracking users’ movements when they were not using the app. This data can then be sold to advertisers to target users on other applications, and Runkeeper is not the only health app that has risen these concerns.

With health apps having the ability to collect data, there is also the opportunity for law enforcement to use this data to help solve cases.

Runkeeper: App Forensics

More than 100 cloud services are already supported in our Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor. With continued innovation, our software now supports Runkeeper also in Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.4

Data extraction from Runkeeper cloud

Data from Runkeeper application is synchronized with the cloud. To get access to the cloud, investigators need one of the following:

  • User’s username + password;
  • User’s username + Google password;
  • Token formed by authorization via username + password;
  • Token from an iOS device
  • Token from an Android device.

Please note that credentials and tokens may be imported into Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor from the “Accounts and passwords” of an analyzed device that was previously used to access the Runkeeper app.

Authentication parameters for Runkeeper in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor

As soon as credentials are checked and verified, the data extraction process begins. When it is completed, the data that was extracted from the cloud and can be reviewed from Oxygen Forensic® Detective. With our solution, investigators can get access to the following information, provided that it is present in the cloud:

      1. General Account Information
      2. Runkeeper Challenges
      3. Contacts
      4. User’s Shoes
      5. Events
      6. Routes
      7. Workouts


General Account Information

General account information includes:

  • Profile picture, displayed name, full name, login, password, token, e-mail, time stamp when the account was created and last active, birthday, gender, height, weight, country code, current country code, time zone, whether they are passively tracked, their authorization method, user ID, and extraction period.


Runkeeper Challenges

Runkeeper Challenge information includes:

  • Challenge name, tag, sponsor, start time stamp, end time stamp, deadline, last renewal date, leaders table (flag), global (flag), type, duration, creator, and challenge ID

Event type:

  • Activity, beginning timestamp, last renewal time stamp, progress, distance, percentage of completion, UID, and comment ID


  • Direction, creation timestamp, sender ID, sender, text, challenge, and comment ID



Contacts information includes:

  • Profile pictures, displayed name, full name, created time stamp, last active time stamp, and UID


User’s shoes

User’s Shoe information includes:

  • Picture, name, brand, model, added time stamp, updated time stamp, distance, color, activity, needs to be replaced, walking shoes, and shoe ID
  • Routes taken in those shoes, with date and time, coordinates, distance, shoes, and point ID



Event information includes:

Main information about the event:

  • Title, subtitle, team, joined, status, link, and event ID


  • Name, beginning time stamp, end time stamp, distance, link, event, and race ID


  • Stage, full name, distance, race status type, event, and stage ID



Route information includes:

Main information:

  • Route, its name, distance, type, and race ID.


  • Coordinates, route ID, and route



Workouts information includes:

Main information:

  • Workout file, name, description, start time stamp, synchronization time stamp, duration, distance, height, average pulse, calories, type, and workout ID.

Photos from workouts:

  • Photo, time stamp, workout, and photo ID

Workout points:

  • Time stamp, coordinates, height, accuracy, and workout

Workout comments:

  • Direction, created time stamp, sender ID, sender, text, workout, and message ID


Extracting data from Runkeeper in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor

Other Health Apps in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor

In total, six Health&Fitness cloud services are supported in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor: Runkeeper, MiFit, Apple Health, FitBit, Google Fit, and Samsung Fit.

To filter the list of all available cloud services by Health apps, click on the heart icon below the list of all supported cloud services. To extract data from them, select services of interest, enter the credentials, and click “Next”.

Other Health and Fitness Apps that are available in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor to extract data


Health apps can provide evidence to law enforcement and help aid in solving a case. This is the reason why Oxygen Forensics continues to innovate our solution to make sure we are providing investigators with the tools to make the world a safer place.

Interested in trying this feature? Update your Oxygen Forensic® Detective to version 14.4 or contact us for a free trial!

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