What the Jio ?

Jio is the leading Indian telecommunication company, not only providing their customers a solid mobile network, but also mobile devices along with a wide range of applications. Their entire ecosystem are gaining approximately 10 million new customers per month. Not to anyone’s surprise, law enforcement has been keen to gain an ability to extract and analyze data from both Jio phones and Jio applications.

With the release of Oxygen Forensic® Detective 12  we implemented our industry leading Jio support to fulfill our obligation to our customers around the world, especially in India. This addition has not been an easy road, but along the way we have gained a new respect for these devices and services and would like to share some of the tid-bits we have learned. 

Jio devices

Jio phones are operated using KaiOS and based on Qualcomm chipsets. KaiOS is a mobile operating system based on Linux, which is forked from B2G OS, an open source community-driven fork of Firefox OS, which was discontinued by Mozilla in 2016.

In Oxygen Forensic ® Detective the user can extract the complete file system from KaiOS-operated devices, including all Jio Phones. Since JioPhones are based on Qualcomm chipsets, the investigator can also obtain a full physical dump of the device, even bypassing the screen lock with Oxygen Forensic ® Detective 12. Some of the data is sorted by sections in order to aid the investigator in navigation.

Our supported sections extracted include the complete phonebook (contact names, phone numbers, email-addresses, photos, birthdays, addresses and notes), SMS, including text of a message, receiving and sending parties and time stamps. In Call logs section contacts, time stamps and duration of a call are also shown. Data from Web Browsers and WhatsApp can be found in the application section. Any additional data can be viewed in Timeline or in the Files section.

Jio applications

Jio provides a wide range of applications, including Jio Cloud. Jio Cloud is the ultimate backup because it consists of almost everything to include photos, videos, documents, audios, contacts and messages.  Also, a unique feature are called Boards where some files can be shared with other users and edited by them as well. Examples of the files include photos, videos, audios, documents and folders. This treasure trove of data can be extracted from the Jio Cloud.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is the first in the industry to support the extraction and decryption of the data from Jio Cloud.

Investigators investigating the cloud storage can authorize the service via JioCloud credentials, Facebook or Google credentials or tokens, a token from an Android device or a token acquired using our innovative KeyScout utlity from the suspect’s PC.  Evidence collected from JioCloud can include user account information, user devices, contacts, SMS, and other user files (including ones in the Trash bin) along with Boards.

This information is sure to prove useful to investigators as it represents a massive amount of data stored on the mobile device and provides information about other devices that were (or are) connected to the same account in a shared board.

Extract JioPhone physical image in Oxygen Forensic® Extractor
(available at the main menu of Oxygen Forensic® Detective)

OR import KaiOS physical image or File system tarball/zip
Parsed and sorted data from JioPhone
Logging into JioCloud with Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor
Parsed and sorted data from JioCloud

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